Openmoney Gift

Create your own gift card program, run a promotional program, track loyalty points, start a stamp card program, track tab accounts or create your own currency.

Simple Interfaces and Easy Setup

Create card templates, manage gift cards, loyalty programs, customer tabs and do your day end reporting. Customer support in exchange for your currency.

Customer convenience, giftcards, pre-payment crowd changing, customer tabs, rewards and more - one system for all.

Your branding is easy as uploading an image.

The template designer allows you to customize your cards with your brand, giving your cards that professional look and feel they are looking for.

Printing has been made easy with templates pre-configured to save time at the till. Your customers will love all the tech we crammed into every QR code.

Open Money Gift

"Openmoney Gift is a gift for everyone to bring prosperity into their lives."

Dominique Legault, founder of Openmoney Gift

What's in this gift for you.

Make your life and your business easier every day.

Gift Program. Run your own free gift card program.

Loyalty. Tools to build your customer service community.

Simple Payments. Reduce point of sale queues for your regular customers.

Own Your Data. Download your data to spreadsheets or access it through our API.

Cross Platform and Cross Browser. It doesn't matter if you're on Linux, Mac, Windows, Android or ios using Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer it just works.

Security is Number One. All your data is transmitted over HTTPS and we use strong cryptography to encrypt your data over the wire.

It's too good to be true

No plans. It's a gift.

Small Business

For every customer you promise to give us a dollar's worth of your service. Enough to run a gift, promotional, loyalty, stamp or tab program on a promise.

  • Set Contribution Levels set your level of contributions so you're always in control.
  • Unlimited Currencies track gift dollars, promotional dollars, loyalty points, tab accounts, stamp cards or you name it.
  • Generate Print Templates print QR code cards or QR code paper currency templates
  • Your Brand on the Cards / Customer Portal / Merchant Portal / Receipts

Manage multiple locations and employees perfect for franchise merchants.

  • Employee Pin easily switch employees with a simple pin code.
  • Access Control Specify what employees can do what.
  • Accountability track which employee at which location made what transaction.
  • Reporting generate day / month / year end reports and export them to your analytics or accounting software.
Community Currency

Increase economic activity, issue your own secure paper currency and circulate it through your community.

  • Generate Print Templates Automatically generate account balances, freeze accounts and print templates of those accounts to issue your own printed currency.
  • Balance Checks Use the QR code to verify if the paper currency value is in circulation for fraud prevention.
  • Track Currency In Circulation Add or remove currency as needed from circulation easily.
  • Cards Members can hold digital QR code cards with balances so the paper money can stay in circulation.